Shareware Go Programs

You may copy these programs and distribute them freely, but you may not sell them. If you find that you like a program or are using it in any case after a reasonable evaluation period (30 days), you must register your copy

You can register online with a credit card using the Kagi link below, or send the registration fee (no credit cards) to the address at the bottom of this document. I will accept a check written in your local currency on your local bank if the bank has a US office. I will also accept a postal money order or cash. I will email you a password upon receipt of the fee. Registered users are entitled to free updates.

Please address all technical support questions to me via email at

Online technical support is available. Email me for an appointment, then download PcHelpware.

IGS and other servers

The servers, such as IGS, are programs which client programs, such as TgWin, communicate with. It is sometimes difficult to separate the features of the server from those of the client. One way to look at this is that the clients help you manage and display information from the servers. If you want to see how many added features a client is providing, log into IGS with a simple telnet program. You will be surprised.

The people who write server programs and manage the servers generally have no control of the client writers. We work together to bring you a pleasurable experience, but we each have our own area of expertise.

Please remember that registering your name on a server is a completely separate process from registering with a client author. If you have questions, suggestions, or bug reports about TgWin, please contact me at the email address below.


TgWin is a Windows compatible client program for use on the Internet Go Servers. It provides a graphic go board and an easy to use, mouse-driven interface to play go on IGS or any of the NNGS-style servers.


  • Multiple stone sizes
  • The Friends list can be sorted to the top of the Player window
  • The Notify list alerts you when players arrive
  • Secretary feature takes your messages while you are unavailable
  • Sounds can be sent to players with compatible programs
  • Replay variations with your opponent
  • Read and write game files in SGF format
  • Replay games in local mode
  • Explore variations while playing, observing a match or replaying a saved game


  • IBM PC compatible computer running Win95 or later (minimum High Color 16-bit graphics)
  • Minimum recommended resolution 800x600
  • Sound card is recommended

    See a snapshot of a sample TgWin screen

    Recent changes to TgWin

    Registration fee: $25 cash/check or $28 online (credit card)

    Previously registered users: please send email to for a password for version 1.60 and above.

  • Download TgWin version 1.64 (2007.03.09) zip file for Windows 95 or later
  • Register your copy of TgWin 1.64 with a credit card (secured connection)
  • Telego

    Telego is a program for playing go via modem, but not on the Internet.


  • Play locally or via modem
  • Reads and writes Ishi Standard Format files (GoScribe compatible).
  • Compatible with several commercial programs, such as Nemesis and Many Faces of Go.


  • IBM PC compatible computer with 640K memory
  • EGA or VGA graphics
  • DOS 3.0 or later
  • mouse (Microsoft driver recommended)

    Registration fee: None

    Download Telego version 4.4

  • Other Go Resources

    American Go Association

    Jan van der Steen's home page for all sorts of go information

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